Textile Trading

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Textile Trading

In Roshan TEX we choose more fine around the world then they are woven to perfection by our producers in Pakistan, China, India and Turkey-we take care of every detail of our products; from production until they arrive at your home, we designed in our Studio in London and finally sew them to perfection in the island paradise of the Dominican Republic so merging three continents; their tendenciasculturas and their fashions; they are reflected in each of our designs are the product of a family tradition for over one hundred years in the textile industry in ALL IN TEX are passionate by the innovation and development. We are passionate about perfection and we look for it in every detail that we create every day; We do this to give you an exceptional touch of

We believe that there is a mystical and reciprocal relationship between the cosmos and the universe. We believe that everything has a spirit: the stars, Ocean, rivers, mountains and Sun are living beings. We belong to the human race, our mother earth and our family is the human tribe

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Embrace the rhythm of perseverance, for within it lies the melody of determination and dedication. Patience, a virtue, fuels your progress. Celebrate every millstone, no matter how humble, as it propels you closer to your goals.